Jack Harlow - Automatic [Official Audio]

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  • Chorus] Automatic, it's a habit, you should know it's automatic I been gettin' to it, I ain't notice y'all was hatin' Brand new chick, she don't know the occupation I just wanna know that I can hold a conversation Ooh, I don't know what y'all debatin' I been waitin' for you, now I'm runnin' out of patience Runnin' up a check, tryna run the operation Went broke in the checking, pulled a hundred out of savings And I can tell now that you ain't talkin' 'bout nothin' I'ma need somethin' I can calm down from I'm gon' pull up with the broad, down one Six months in, I ain't dick her down once Bitch tryna tell me what you know about me You don't know nothin', keep it real with me She said she ain't tryna deal with me Okay, cool, you could sell that seat [Verse 1] I'm just hopin' she don't feel 'Cause when she do, I don't know what I'ma do All that shit that y'all was talkin', it was comical Pull up in your city, for the you know what you tryna do Uh, 'cause I'm open to it I know that you miss him but you gon' get through it I can help with it if you need that, uh Go and bring that beat back, brr I don't really listen to the feedback now Told me that she good, she don't need Jack now I'm real proud of the steps you took Just to get to the place that you at today I couldn't tell it to you straight, I gotta estimate I wonder if I oughta go out here with the best to say Now go 'head, get me outta here, I couldn't last a day I got the city talkin' 'bout me like I passed away Ooh, and she felt intrigued (Ooh) Motherfucka trippin' off the ectasy (Ooh) Mothafucka tryna dip the LMPD (Ooh) Go and get your self-esteem (Ooh) And she tryna link up, uh Fuck so much, we got synced up now (Uh) Pulled up in the dinged-up whip This ain't Pepto-Bis', what this pink stuff is, long tell me Yeah, you heard me, you ain't feel me I've been movin', I've been shakin', go and hit me on the celly Tryna sell me on somethin', well, I hope that shit compellin' Ever since I've been gone like Kelly, they been tryna tell me About this and that, I ain't chattin' with you, we ain't goin' tit for tat Tryna tell me how to get in the barrel Go and get in the barrel, I'm 'bout to get in that ho, I'm out

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  • Jesus loves you

    free headdfree headd5 днів тому
  • Anyone know where I can get the explicit version? If so, can anyone send me a link. I appreciate it

    SlamClamBigelowSlamClamBigelow21 день тому
  • Really cool

    Jessica ModenJessica Moden21 день тому
  • I like the beat more then I like the songs

    Ty McflyTy Mcfly25 днів тому
  • This song is the only good one out of the Madden soundtrack

    DripicoDripico26 днів тому
  • Songs fire I jus want this version uncensored 😭😭

    Roberto PinedaRoberto Pineda27 днів тому
  • Best madden 21 song out there

    Paradox NeonParadox Neon28 днів тому
  • Gonna bring the beat back!

    Alearizpe1Alearizpe128 днів тому
  • This 🔥 to be honest

    Marcus GarzaMarcus Garza28 днів тому
  • 2:05 my favorite part

    Jaquarrius SmithJaquarrius Smith28 днів тому
  • Thai shit fire

    Infamous_vexxInfamous_vexx28 днів тому
  • Who else came here bc we heard This song on madden

  • idc what yall say this beat go hard

  • Haters I like it

    Cirilo OlveraCirilo OlveraМісяць тому
  • yo why is every single version of this song i can find censored

    ItsBungybooceItsBungybooceМісяць тому
  • fireeee

    KyrieVertKyrieVertМісяць тому
  • Perfect for a video game. He understood the assignment!

    ladidailadidaiМісяць тому
    • Exactly

      Bullets Aim FarBullets Aim FarМісяць тому
  • I like the whole song F just the beat

    Comeback KidComeback Kid2 місяці тому
  • I just want to sit on sessions as they make the beats...and then when they put the vocals with it. Bucket list!

    Vincent BuckleyVincent Buckley2 місяці тому
  • So true babe 4real love your soul vibe style flow name it I can make you glow love your friend fan SUNSHINE

    Sunshine HarrisSunshine Harris2 місяці тому
  • 🔥🔥

    3RD EYE Da Wizard3RD EYE Da Wizard2 місяці тому
  • me when i live in Louisville Ky

    Gamer WolfGamer Wolf2 місяці тому
  • 🔥

    Joshua BurchetteJoshua Burchette2 місяці тому
  • He needs to make shit like this again

    bendbend2 місяці тому
  • I'm sad it took madden 21 for me to hear this. Straight heat 🔥🔥

    Lil DevonLil Devon2 місяці тому
    • Me to

      Aj CampbellAj Campbell20 хвилин тому
  • this literally for a video game bruh

    TwelveIvyTwelveIvy3 місяці тому
  • anyone here from Madden 21 lol?

    iAmPrince786iAmPrince7863 місяці тому
    • One of the only decent songs on the madden track

      Bullets Aim FarBullets Aim FarМісяць тому
  • This track so hard

    jroc4291jroc42913 місяці тому
  • I love this song mommy

    itz kttvytitz kttvyt3 місяці тому
  • Best song on madden 21.

    DoopDoop3 місяці тому
  • This is literally so underrated but its one of his best songs. The flow is fire asf and the simplicity of the beat compliments it soo well.

    KabidKabid3 місяці тому

    Tapz2.0Tapz2.03 місяці тому
  • Beat is so loud lmao

    coolstufftodocoolstufftodo4 місяці тому
  • I like this song! :) I just seen that the what's poppin remix has 144 million views! Congrats jack! :) #JackHarlow #Automatic #JackClub

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  • Kodak better be in madden 22 soundtrack

    Xochitl ChavarriaXochitl Chavarria4 місяці тому
  • this shit come up on the finish line playlist at my store 💀

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  • Whos here from madden?🥴

    Dwight.GlizzyTvDwight.GlizzyTv4 місяці тому
  • This why i love using that arpeggiator midi

    Young NosaTvYoung NosaTv4 місяці тому
  • Who was the producer??

    Young NosaTvYoung NosaTv4 місяці тому
  • Ok jack🔥🔥🔥🔥

    ACEfrostyACEfrosty4 місяці тому
  • This beat goes hard as hell idc what y'all say 🔥🔥

    Magdiel HernandezMagdiel Hernandez4 місяці тому
  • The beat is everything

    Tru World orderTru World order4 місяці тому
  • yo i first heard this song and now im like O-O dam bro and everyday i hear (" dancing begins")

    Eric FranklinEric Franklin4 місяці тому
  • Automatic do be a habbit

    YXNGxSWXGYXNGxSWXG4 місяці тому
  • Madden 21 beat

    seth louidortseth louidort4 місяці тому
  • This beat goes hard

    Re-lyt The FunkRe-lyt The Funk4 місяці тому
  • I just wish I could likex10.💥

    Ryan WasonRyan Wason4 місяці тому
  • Here from madden 21😂

    Bazel HazelWoodBazel HazelWood4 місяці тому
  • I really don't like this song, but it's catchy and in my head so here I am...

    BSimmsBSimms4 місяці тому
    • it’s for madden 21

      TwelveIvyTwelveIvy3 місяці тому
  • Second best song in madden

    Luca_ulookprettyLuca_ulookpretty4 місяці тому
    • behind flag on the play

      TwelveIvyTwelveIvy3 місяці тому
  • Only good song on that garbage ass Madden soundtrack. Game sucks ass too

    kSupreme XkSupreme X4 місяці тому
    • fr lmao i play this song most of the time cus madden 21 soundtrack ass asf like only 5 or lesss songs (including this song) are good

      Dxzxxez lolDxzxxez lol4 місяці тому
  • so glad this is on madden 21

    nobleeunobleeu4 місяці тому
  • This beat SLAP'S🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Joe$eph10Joe$eph104 місяці тому
  • Automatic is a habit

    Irma BedollaIrma Bedolla4 місяці тому
  • Madden 21 anybody?

    SportzFan #1SportzFan #14 місяці тому
  • this dude lucky he is in a game music

    adin williamsadin williams4 місяці тому
    • You saying his music is ass? Yeah cuz that's why he's one of the most popular rappers right now. He don't miss. What's Poppin and the remix of the song both go hard and Tyler Herro goes hard as well.

      Faded GamingFaded Gaming3 місяці тому
  • Madden 21 best song Jack Harlow MTB4LIFE !!!

    Joe AlvarezJoe Alvarez5 місяців тому
  • Madden 21 got heat

    Kha’lil MartinezKha’lil Martinez5 місяців тому
  • I kinda hate that I like this beat cowbells never sounded better

    Ethan RichardsonEthan Richardson5 місяців тому
  • Sounds like a fifa song

    Dean •100 years andDean •100 years and5 місяців тому
    • it’s for madden lmao

      TwelveIvyTwelveIvy3 місяці тому
  • Bro? How are y’all saying this beat isn’t hard y’all are basic lmao

    Tareq KanicheTareq Kaniche5 місяців тому
  • Here from madden lmaoo

    Dashawn ReddDashawn Redd5 місяців тому
  • Dis is fire y YALL hating on it gs to whoever thinks the same thing

    Daniel MulembaDaniel Mulemba5 місяців тому
  • Best song in madden 21

    Andrew WAndrew W5 місяців тому
  • 🏈

    Braeyon HendersonBraeyon Henderson5 місяців тому
  • MADDEN 21

    Braeyon HendersonBraeyon Henderson5 місяців тому
  • This my fav song in Madden

    The Real King JamesThe Real King James5 місяців тому
  • Hate this beat lol first negative comment right here 🤣🤣🤣

    AutodidactfortunesAutodidactfortunes5 місяців тому
  • why niggas dont like the beat its good😂

    ZockoooZockooo5 місяців тому
  • this song is fire

    Baby BeeBaby Bee5 місяців тому
  • This beat goes hard

    cody anguscody angus5 місяців тому
  • This was on my birthday

    Lego_markusl08Lego_markusl085 місяців тому
  • Madden Drums go hard on a beat

    gavin herrgavin herr6 місяців тому
  • Reminds me of “Don’t Fear The Reaper” song. It’s lit with the cow bell 🐄 🔔 🔥

    Jahnee CashJahnee Cash6 місяців тому
  • They already hid that miss

    Jon YouJon You6 місяців тому
  • We'd b good friends aint that right b. Ight me lmao

    Jon YouJon You6 місяців тому
  • This beat ain’t it

    ZuhonZuhon6 місяців тому
    • How?

      Jabari CambridgeJabari Cambridge5 місяців тому
    • Hoq

      Jabari CambridgeJabari Cambridge5 місяців тому
  • Needs more cowbell

    Albert HongAlbert Hong6 місяців тому
  • I thought this was him didn't know thx jack for killing this

    Brenda JohnsonBrenda Johnson6 місяців тому
  • Ir u turn the speed all the way down.........

    Jeremiah JuliusJeremiah Julius6 місяців тому
  • If u turn the speed up all the way...........

    Jeremiah JuliusJeremiah Julius6 місяців тому
  • ukmate.info/clip/mmiusZWUgZiDjXo/v-deo.html

    Kidd MillieKidd Millie6 місяців тому
  • Fire this be madden

    josiahgaming2josiahgaming26 місяців тому
  • Who came here after listening to rm's "do you".But i like both.We should respect both rappers.It's just inspiration.

    Pg Shay피지새Pg Shay피지새6 місяців тому
  • damn , this beat dropped harder than my grades

    Gabriel RockhillGabriel Rockhill6 місяців тому
  • Jack hollow new song

    Branson KnightBranson Knight6 місяців тому
  • It's not the beat that is trash, it's the rapper trash af

    Johnny KesslerJohnny Kessler6 місяців тому
    • It's not that the rapper is trash, it's that you don't have good taste in music 😐

      Jabari CambridgeJabari Cambridge5 місяців тому
  • This shit so 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    kartell 66kartell 666 місяців тому
  • the beat

    Cody GibsonCody Gibson6 місяців тому
  • Fire on Madden 21 menu and in game!

    Joe AlvarezJoe Alvarez6 місяців тому
  • underrated asl

    aliannaalianna6 місяців тому
  • Wtf why do people hate this song? I literally looked it up because I heard it on madden and thought it was catchy asf. The beat is the main reason why I came here lmao.

    HaydeBHaydeB6 місяців тому
  • Good song bad beat

    Boy KidBoy Kid6 місяців тому
  • POV: a middle schooler approaches with a pair of Walmart headphones and says "Hey, I make beats. Wanna hear one?"

    Lil_GarlicBreadLil_GarlicBread6 місяців тому
  • Hmmmm

    Teona BennettTeona Bennett6 місяців тому
  • he hit 1 mill!!

    MuddyboiMuddyboi6 місяців тому
  • White body drops sick beat 2

    MaxPlayzMaxPlayz6 місяців тому
  • Me in the menu after getting blown out by a guy using the chiefs in madden 21

    payton martinezpayton martinez6 місяців тому
  • Brady vs. Mahomes

    Taeran HeltonTaeran Helton6 місяців тому
    • Mahomes

      Jabari CambridgeJabari Cambridge5 місяців тому
    • Mahomes 100%

      Love NatureLove Nature6 місяців тому