Jack Harlow - Same Guy (feat. Adam Levine) [Official Audio]

10 гру 2020
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Jack Harlow - Same Guy (feat. Adam Levine)
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  • Louisville Kentucky 😊

    Ecstatic_ElieEcstatic_Elie6 днів тому
  • I wish people put more respect on jacks name. All cuz he white smh.

    Braxton MyersBraxton Myers7 днів тому
  • I love this

    Greyden Renfro-HartyGreyden Renfro-Harty9 днів тому
  • “i’m no longer a kid i should stop the kiddin” lmao , love jacks music , this here is a great one

    andre montesandre montes14 днів тому
  • We been in the house. Adam wasn’t too booked to hop on the track fr!🧐😂

    DareYaDareYa17 днів тому
  • Album fire yurrr

    Ryan EthridgeRyan Ethridge18 днів тому
  • That bass thoo, best shit I'll ever hear in 2020s

    internet kidinternet kid19 днів тому
  • the bass

    randomsquadrandomsquad20 днів тому
  • LL 18 VENO 🔞

    SaintOfTheMostHigh 82SaintOfTheMostHigh 8223 дні тому
  • Most innovative producer tag ever

    Scooby MiKEScooby MiKE25 днів тому
  • Anyone else get heavy 2010-2012 mac miller/ j cole mw2 vibes from this album shit make me close my eyes take me back to 2012 mcdonald's parkn lots at night after parties lmao

    Akhil PAkhil P26 днів тому
  • Smoothie

    Guava BigGuava Big27 днів тому
  • heard em say

    TV ChungaTV Chunga28 днів тому
  • This is the most underrated song on this album. From Adam Levine’s adlibs to the gospel choir singing Jetsonmade’s tag at the end, it’s literally just so good!

    Brandon RiceBrandon Rice29 днів тому
  • Bryson tiller vibes

    Boxer MainBoxer MainМісяць тому
  • Another underapprecciated album because he's a white rapper

    Flossin ErrydayFlossin ErrydayМісяць тому
  • Gone Head And Claim Your "Here Before A Million" Token Right Now Lol 🔥🔥

    Kurshawn HarrisKurshawn HarrisМісяць тому
  • 502 STAND UP!!

    Angelo PachecoAngelo PachecoМісяць тому
  • Just played the whole album .... jack harlowwwww!! Whew. Can’t wait to see his growth in the game

    Alexis ThorntonAlexis ThorntonМісяць тому
  • Ooh, yeah I can't keep lettin' shit slide Thought that I would change, but I'm the same guy Blamed it on my youth, but I know I've had time (ooh) And when it comes to you and I, all that I ever did was tell lies Am I gon' keep this up 'til I die? (Oh, oh) Does it add up when you do the bad stuff? Mm-mm Time keeps movin' past us If they gon' shoot, then I pray they end up shootin' past us Temptations that I knew to pass up, but I didn't When I said I loved you, know I really thought I meant it Can I go to heaven? Is it time to put my bid in? I'm no longer a kid, I should probably quit the kiddin' And the playin' I wanna do the right thing, man, that's all I'm sayin' I can't keep blamin' entertainment And the money and the fame that I been obtainin' (ooh) There's a reason for these girls that I'm entertainin' I can't keep lettin' shit slide (can't keep lettin' shit slide) Thought that I would change, but I'm the same guy Blamed it on my youth, but I know I've had time (had time) And when it comes to you and I (ooh), all that I ever did was tell lies Am I gon' keep this up 'til I die? (Up 'til I die, oh) These are my confessions, couldn't say it to you So that's why I booked this session The company I kept and I slept with Kept me from bein' all alone with my reflection Trust me, now I know that you a blessin' All these white lies are growin' to life-size I don't wanna split, but I know it's the right time You don't wanna look, but you know there's a bright side If you got a feelin' like mine, sing it like I can't keep lettin' shit slide Thought that I would change, but I'm the same guy Blamed it on my youth, but I know I've had time (had time) And when it comes to you and I (ooh), all that I ever did was tell lies Am I gon' keep this up 'til I die? (Up 'til I die) Oh, oh Ooh, ooh (ayy-ayy) Ooh, up 'til I die Ooh, ooh Oh, oh, yeah Ah, ah, ah Ah, ah, ah Ooh, yeah-yeah, ayy-ayy Ooh, oh lord, Jetson made another one Ah, ah, ah Ooh lord, Jetson made another one

    Sk8rboi75Sk8rboi75Місяць тому
  • Wtf is this sound? This is fucked up. Push it everywhere.

    Iron EmpathIron EmpathМісяць тому
  • Yes

    StarPlatinum, ZA WARUDO!StarPlatinum, ZA WARUDO!Місяць тому
  • This shit should be called hidden drip

    Devon TuckerDevon TuckerМісяць тому
  • Adam should have sang "Jetson Made Another One" i'm just curious how it would sound 🤣🤣🤣 (That choir singing "Jetson Made Another One" is fucking dope don't get me wrong

    John BenedictJohn BenedictМісяць тому
  • I wish Jack had more clout🤦🤦his songs deserve 69 views

    Mr.Love_ Doctor12Mr.Love_ Doctor12Місяць тому
  • who’s listening to this from Sydney Australia ;) xo

    Ben BrookBen BrookМісяць тому
  • yessir

    traevfxtraevfxМісяць тому
  • The choir tho

    Conchita MatthysConchita MatthysМісяць тому
  • Is this giving anyone else them early Big Sean, Detroit vibes. Reminiscent of the first time I heard Sean & Cole on 24K Of Gold

    JasonJasonМісяць тому
  • Who is the bassist on this?

    J DayJ DayМісяць тому
  • Another Hit for the world 🔥🔥🔥

    luis garcialuis garciaМісяць тому
  • oh lawd jetson made anotha one!

    Brandon HeidBrandon HeidМісяць тому
  • Adam Levine should have got a bigger feature this is his style more than Jack's

    Angela Oxendine-HenryAngela Oxendine-HenryМісяць тому
  • The bashful cork pivotally last because fired timely fetch onto a poor department. thoughtful, irate viscose

    Steven CooperSteven CooperМісяць тому
  • imagine if they got J cole on this one

    DTKDTKМісяць тому
  • the choir tag goes crazyy

    COSMICCOSMICМісяць тому
  • jetson a 🐐 for this

    COSMICCOSMICМісяць тому
  • I love the bass and the producer tag on this track. Also it reminds me of "cool" by zack villere

    Amir AkhlaghiAmir AkhlaghiМісяць тому
  • This shows the versatility of Jack’s music

    Bhutch600Bhutch600Місяць тому
  • Whose on that bass 😳

    Michael MartinezMichael Martinez2 місяці тому
    • Brady Watt!

      Carlos HomsCarlos HomsМісяць тому
  • Really smooth song 💯 with lyrics that hit different 😔

    Nathan FangNathan Fang2 місяці тому
    • Gosh I miss her so much 😞

      Nathan FangNathan Fang2 місяці тому
  • Dislikes are from hatters !

    4 Homaxide4 Homaxide2 місяці тому
  • Why everyone complaining about the feature lol it sounds amazing

    OliverOliver2 місяці тому
  • God got Mac. God gave us Jack. Fly high, Mac. ❤️

    Andrew MarianoAndrew Mariano2 місяці тому
  • 😔

    Michele SmithMichele Smith2 місяці тому
  • im vibin so hard

    ElishaElisha2 місяці тому
  • This guy is what the game needs.

    URBANLEGEND543URBANLEGEND5432 місяці тому
  • I know Harlow have kinda already blown up, especially within the culture. But still, if he plays his cards right I swear he'll be on Drake level in a few years. He's honestly one of the best rappers to come up in a long time💯

    Simon NybergSimon Nyberg2 місяці тому
  • Oh hell nvh 🤔 that bass must be played by Jesus himself🔥🔥🔥

    Leey TroitLeey Troit2 місяці тому
    • Brady Watt on bass!

      Carlos HomsCarlos Homs2 місяці тому
  • Bruh🫀

    Anesu PatrickAnesu Patrick2 місяці тому
  • Aaaah! 🔥

    Ashley WinfreyAshley Winfrey2 місяці тому
  • This feels like a drake ting a little too much no cap but good overall

    Tanner CheathamTanner Cheatham2 місяці тому
  • Fuck, these beats on this album are vibes!!

    Raelina PowersRaelina Powers2 місяці тому
  • This one might be my favorite Jack. We have the same type of energy & vibe except i'm more of a fighter if I need to be, glad your not though. Don't do any stupid ish to mess up your future. Your the youth of the city, we got the same energy it seems, & same intentions. I know u probably think differently but i've had to be a jerk to some people in the past I know but I dislike racist & liars. If u don't hold that against me we'll have no problems. Tell Bryson I apologize if he thought I was tryin to call him out but being he's young I try to look out for all the youth now i'm older. U all gotta be careful who u help on the internet, talk to, listen to, things like that as i'm sure you've both learned there's some gross nasty mfer's out here in every city even ours sadly. Dw your all good now, I turned the person in. Might be a few others i'll have to but your circle is good. Just keep me away from any racist, confederate flag carryers, & people like that. I'm gonna have to talk to u one day. Do u realize how much history there is to tell about our city? Read some books if u get bored (no offense) u might discover a lot more than you know. Hope u & your family have a good christmas

    King NoeKing Noe2 місяці тому
  • hate when it says ft but they just on the adlibs

    PoPo2 місяці тому
  • yikes

    PoPo2 місяці тому
  • Well is when for a sont with juicy j wiz k and jason durolo

    Kevin Stewart LarocqueKevin Stewart Larocque2 місяці тому
  • Adam levine vocalising in the background Jack harlow- same guy ft. Adam Levine

    Allen BijuAllen Biju2 місяці тому
  • The choir singing the producer tag is prolly one of the funniest things of 2020 musically

    Allen BijuAllen Biju2 місяці тому
  • "Adlib" Levine

    Cameron SimmsCameron Simms2 місяці тому
  • We gon pretend that his adlibs don't make the song? Thought so, stfu and enjoy.

    DJ STOV3DJ STOV32 місяці тому
  • ok adam you betta saanggg❤️

    Lex S.Lex S.2 місяці тому
  • You know this songs a vibe when you got bronny in the comments

    AM CrazyAM Crazy2 місяці тому
  • We need a music video

    Marky FreshMarky Fresh2 місяці тому
  • Needs chance on this

    Eben DicksonEben Dickson2 місяці тому
  • The bassist wasn't playing

    Jigyas BaruahJigyas Baruah2 місяці тому
  • It feels like the industry is trying to shove this dude down our throat. He doesn't even put effort. No creativity, no improv, it's all the same typical lines. He's not bad but just mid, a regular industry plant.

    AzzWalkAzzWalk2 місяці тому
  • I thought Levi would have more part in this song

    Tom KaoTom Kao2 місяці тому
  • Beetles blackbird

    rameka rewetirameka reweti2 місяці тому
    • Classic song

      shmu-el ochoshmu-el ocho2 місяці тому
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    Bryan CooperBryan Cooper2 місяці тому
  • I can’t wait to work with jack man

    DeAndre GordonDeAndre Gordon2 місяці тому
  • ukmate.info/clip/uK193GW3d6mqr6g/v-deo.html

    Storytelling by NoblesseStorytelling by Noblesse2 місяці тому
  • who on the bass😩

    Rocket BoyRocket Boy2 місяці тому
  • Soon as I pop off we gone do a track together if your down,,, LeGeNdZ NeVeRDiE if ya read this remember the name I'ma hit you up soon as I earn my spot see what's popping

    LegendZ NeverDieLegendZ NeverDie2 місяці тому
  • Check out my remix to Jack Harlow’s What’s Poppin. It’s 🔥 he should have had me on the original remix. Worth the listen. Knowledge - What’s Poppin ukmate.info/clip/2oihmZ-4oMZjbaA/v-deo.html

    KnowledgeKnowledge2 місяці тому
  • If bronny commenting in this you know this is a good song

    Marie MwangaMarie Mwanga2 місяці тому
  • The "Hell Noooo" Sample did it for me lmfao

    Payton RedmonPayton Redmon2 місяці тому
  • This album is one of the best albums that came out in 2020🔥🔥🔥👑

    Thimna MtombeniThimna Mtombeni2 місяці тому
    • I can’t find one fib in this statement! 🧐

      Jerome BentleyJerome Bentley2 місяці тому
  • The best part 2:27 👑✝️🚫🧢

    Thimna MtombeniThimna Mtombeni2 місяці тому

    Thimna MtombeniThimna Mtombeni2 місяці тому
  • I need to see a Genius "Deconstructed" episode for this song. The bassist has some explaining to do.

    Gino FortuneGino Fortune2 місяці тому
    • dude's hands are posessed....lol...so sick

      Tenacious ZenTenacious Zen2 місяці тому
  • This man came to make MUSIC!!!!!!

    N.N.DN.N.D2 місяці тому
  • I love the soul type shit

    Bxtch faceBxtch face2 місяці тому
  • Not enough people have heard this track yet. I wonder how many views in 2021??? Keep killing Jack, love from Canada

    Ajack JosephAjack Joseph2 місяці тому
  • Another master piece with Adam Levine like “Heard em Say”

    Too SwoleToo Swole2 місяці тому
  • This jam right here hits home. You my #1 guy bro. Fr I been fuckin with too many rappers. You touched my soul w this one boy. Thank you for this. From the heart my guy. I hope to see you sittin with these legends down the road. This song fr fr changed my life

    Bryce ProutyBryce Prouty2 місяці тому
    • This song changed your life fr?

      shmu-el ochoshmu-el ocho2 місяці тому
  • This some good music brotha keep the good work up

    fisto papifisto papi2 місяці тому

    EnergyEnergy2 місяці тому
  • Jack with those bangers.🤑

    Manny NuccioManny Nuccio2 місяці тому
  • 😩🔥🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥

    LaNel DeNeroLaNel DeNero2 місяці тому
  • Everyone commenting “why is Adam Levine a feature if he’s just in the back” it’s because he co-wrote this song

    Sana SSana S2 місяці тому
  • I wish Adam Levine had more then just Humming and shit but it’s still cool

    JPZ _JPZ _2 місяці тому
  • the basssss😳😳

    GL3NNGL3NN2 місяці тому
  • probably the best song on the album ngl

    ChristasticalChristastical2 місяці тому
  • why does this one sound like they didn't make it 💔😭 my sappy ass got so invested in the high school sweetheart reunion narrative

    Ntandokazi MbanaNtandokazi Mbana2 місяці тому
  • adam sounding like zayn...... kinda sus

    Toxxxic Kay :3Toxxxic Kay :32 місяці тому
  • Drake couldn't make a song this good.

    james olsonjames olson2 місяці тому
  • EVERYBODY NEEDS TO HEAR THIS, ITS SO GOOD! ITS GOING TO BLOW UP!!! m.ukmate.info/clip/mGWwu3LQqN1_iGk/v-deo.html

    Trevor CurtisTrevor Curtis2 місяці тому
  • I wanna go to church and hear “OH LAWD JETSON MADE ANOTHA ONE” live

    Shino -Shino -2 місяці тому
    • SAME

      Trinity WashburnTrinity Washburn2 місяці тому
  • ik you know that one Christmas song wonderful Christmas time this beat gave that vibe at the jump of it tell me im wrong ukmate.info/clip/nmiPy12XeZV5e20/v-deo.html

    Zac WallerZac Waller2 місяці тому