Jack Harlow - I WANNA SEE SOME ASS [Official Audio]

12 бер 2020
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    G h o s t animeG h o s t anime4 години тому
  • okay the dream team stans has taken over the comments. so? it doesnt mean you get to harass and comment your opinions about them :/ they can be annoying but theyre only expressing their love for their content creator. just let them be

    Cisca :DCisca :DДень тому
    • no fuck off

      MherrrMherrr14 годин тому
  • bruhhhh who is sapnap do you guys mean samsung refrigerator ?

    Pfgamer 2Pfgamer 2День тому
  • Like, if you have a big penis🍆

    akaBrknakaBrknДень тому
  • Fucking dream stans

    Ronaldmcfondle 69Ronaldmcfondle 69День тому
  • i wanna see some ass -sapnap

    Sapnap SapnapSapnap SapnapДень тому
  • Yes, you are here from Sapnap like me and 90% of the comments

    LadLadДень тому
  • The quiet existence inspiringly thank because effect simulteneously dress unlike a medical eyeliner. tidy, chilly napkin

    George VillaGeorge VillaДень тому
  • Hola late

    ChanchiwawiChanchiwawiДень тому
  • why is this song so addicting

    camxxneycamxxneyДень тому
  • ukmate.info/clip/lomgrqjJr9NkgZg/v-deo.html

    E-Money Production StudioE-Money Production StudioДень тому
  • sapnap comments HAHHAHAHAHA

    Hannie StoryheadsHannie StoryheadsДень тому
  • This dude sound familiar ( GODWIN!)

    IISad IIIISad IIДень тому
  • thanks Sapnap.

    Kim BrandKim Brand2 дні тому
  • Yo this song is a banger

    Some OneSome One2 дні тому

    Efren LagdamenEfren Lagdamen2 дні тому
  • This is my second favorite song from from this album my fav is hey big head

    Matthew JohnsonMatthew Johnson2 дні тому
  • i just came from an insta edit 😕

    kuboarenkuboaren2 дні тому
  • Hello MCYT community, funny how we meet on these songs made by unknowing artists and just flip their comment section upside down. Have fun out there!~

    Who?Who?2 дні тому
    • unknown artist? you probably have 10 years if you say jack is unknown

      osama bin ladenosama bin laden2 дні тому
  • Ahh hi sapnap stans how was your day 👋😊

    Kokot ObecnýKokot Obecný3 дні тому
  • Came for block men, stayed because it’s a bop

    TommbeeinitTommbeeinit3 дні тому
  • Views should be on What's Poppin levels smh

    internet kidinternet kid3 дні тому
  • the fact that this song not coming from tiktok but Minecraft dreamteam 👁👄👁

    callox manecallox mane3 дні тому
  • hey mamas

    Gergana IvanovaGergana Ivanova4 дні тому
  • everyone: sappitus nappitus me: jack harlow o-o i do watch the dream team and smp tho

    kenzie cowankenzie cowan4 дні тому
  • Sapnap? who's that? *instert sapnap singing*

    k4meronk4meron4 дні тому
  • Who's here from SnapMap

    Jasiah KhanJasiah Khan4 дні тому
  • I wanna see some mmhm

  • hey mamas ? or something idk I don’t watch sapnap

    catwithaoreocatwithaoreo4 дні тому
  • Who else is singing it as: I wanna see some mmmh???💀💀

    Tooru OikawaTooru Oikawa5 днів тому
  • ya'll talkin bout ya'll here from tiktok bro??? i'm here from my google home mini. and wait how he go from this to whats poppin i-

    Zamya CookZamya Cook5 днів тому
  • All sapnaps aside, this song FRICKING bops

    SpaceBoyPlayzSpaceBoyPlayz5 днів тому

    UltraNovaUltraNova5 днів тому
  • Bruh sapnap smhing rn

    KayazeKayaze5 днів тому
  • All the comments mean nothing.... I just wanna see some ass

    John DylanJohn Dylan5 днів тому
  • אחד השירים

    Shay ZilcaShay Zilca6 днів тому
  • See, this song wasn't ruined by tiktok, but by twitch.tv

    Why r u hereWhy r u here6 днів тому
  • I wanna see some dream

    ClumsySxnnyClumsySxnny6 днів тому
  • i never thought a white man from texas would make me love a song so much /lh

    Olivia MarksOlivia Marks6 днів тому
  • anyone here from snapchat??

    dara edara e7 днів тому

    hottakizzhottakizz7 днів тому
  • Why are the people in the comments so offended by the people mentioning Sapnap? Like, why are you so pressed about it? How did it "ruin the song"?

    _hotmesswithoutthehot__hotmesswithoutthehot_7 днів тому
    • @Mherrr I was just curious why you all get annoyed by people talking about someone in comments.

      _hotmesswithoutthehot__hotmesswithoutthehot_9 годин тому
    • @_hotmesswithoutthehot_ by that logic why not ignore the people annoyed w yall lmao youre arguing a redudant thing

      MherrrMherrr9 годин тому
    • @Mherrr I mean, you can, but no one really cares. Just like I can say if I'm here from Sapnap or not. You might not care, so why not just ignore it??

      _hotmesswithoutthehot__hotmesswithoutthehot_12 годин тому
    • @_hotmesswithoutthehot_ i can voice my irritation if i feel like it

      MherrrMherrr12 годин тому
    • @Mherrr Then why don't you just ignore the comments???

      _hotmesswithoutthehot__hotmesswithoutthehot_13 годин тому
  • I still cant get over that the picture in this video looks like steezy kane

    Nightcore MusicNightcore Music7 днів тому
  • this is just wholesome

    DreamSMP ClipsDreamSMP Clips7 днів тому
  • Who’s here from Napsap

    CrAVe ツCrAVe ツ7 днів тому
  • Late gei🤑

    Luis Carlos RodriguezLuis Carlos Rodriguez7 днів тому
    • gei 🤑

      NorketNorket7 днів тому
  • to all the dream stans, please stop breathing

    UnfunnySenpai 69UnfunnySenpai 698 днів тому
    • wish I could

      softie sunshinesoftie sunshine7 днів тому
  • This song makes me feel like a flirty jock

    Jamie :DJamie :D8 днів тому

    Marcella RenataMarcella Renata8 днів тому

    Benja CárdenasBenja Cárdenas8 днів тому
    • iCE 🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶

      ⫷⪓丂ㄖ尺几卂ㄒ⪔⫸⫷⪓丂ㄖ尺几卂ㄒ⪔⫸4 дні тому
    • late gei 🤑

      NorketNorket7 днів тому
  • hey ask for my discord if u want mine

    Laurel SroufeLaurel Sroufe8 днів тому
  • Late deja de ser tan atractivo

    ItzAle42ItzAle429 днів тому
    • late gei 🤑

      NorketNorket7 днів тому
  • That edit with astolfo 😭

    ClxedoClxedo9 днів тому
  • i wanna see some ass in the comments

    Chelsea SantosChelsea Santos9 днів тому
  • How did he become more popular

    KvexusKvexus9 днів тому
  • Wer von yannis?

    marlon Ist coolmarlon Ist cool9 днів тому
  • Other people:this song is great! Sapnap fans: it's POGGERS

    KherallymiaKherallymia9 днів тому
    • @Jaizheia hernandezシ then is awesome lmfao

      KherallymiaKherallymia7 днів тому
    • @Jaizheia hernandezシ lmao

      KherallymiaKherallymia7 днів тому
    • Don’t even say poggers 🤢

      Jaizheia hernandezシJaizheia hernandezシ7 днів тому
  • me coming here bc of Samsung refrigerator and pissbaby and stay bc this slaps

    ToastedtoastToastedtoast9 днів тому
  • guys, im so sorry but im just going to speak it out ok so look, instead of saying “i came here from sapnap/dream team”. why not say, “this song is cool!” Some people are annoyed. look, it’s actually nothing wrong with the mcyt fandom, im also in the mcyt fandom. just speaking out k?

    Serlin KusenSerlin Kusen9 днів тому
  • ok but imagine lacing ur friends w crack n still having friends 😭😭 “there’s a rock ina puff puff pass now the whole squad gettin fucked up fast” 😭 WHAAAAAAT

    morgan bmorgan b10 днів тому
    • @Mherrr i never listened to it w the captions lmfao i’m dumb as hell 😭

      morgan bmorgan b14 годин тому
    • ciroc... like alcohol

      MherrrMherrr14 годин тому
  • que haces por aca viewer de late

    VengerenVengeren10 днів тому
  • Sapnap is the only reason why I'm here 💀🤚

    Tommy's left toeTommy's left toe10 днів тому
  • Bro I don't even watch that dream bs bro. I heard this song from a TikTok hentai tribute 😳😳😳

    notfunnyTVnotfunnyTV10 днів тому
  • If your here from sapnap your weird

    일리일리11 днів тому
  • Please one comment about this song but not sucknut

    Jacob MemesJacob Memes11 днів тому

    Gabriela BurgaraGabriela Burgara11 днів тому
  • Sippy cup got me addicted to this song

    Oh OkayOh Okay11 днів тому
  • Jack Harlow on a date: _ i WaNnA SeE SoMe AsS 💀

    Hani BenmoussaHani Benmoussa11 днів тому
  • Late haciendo ritual de atracción:

    chirimoya con caCachirimoya con caCa11 днів тому
    • El solo kiere ver un poco de culo 😔

      Benja CárdenasBenja Cárdenas8 днів тому
  • so i see most of the mcyt community is here 😍☝️

    bella bbella b11 днів тому
  • snapmap brought me here.. and i hate him for it because, sadly, i enjoy this song

    emmaemma12 днів тому
    • @emma you commenting the same thing as other people makes it seek like to are hungry about likes but have a nice day too;)

      Kentucky UnluckyKentucky Unlucky10 днів тому
    • @Kentucky Unlucky since when do i want likes?? have a nice day :)

      emmaemma10 днів тому
    • @emma just delete before this gets more replys than likes lmaoo

      Kentucky UnluckyKentucky Unlucky11 днів тому
    • @Kentucky Unlucky i said YOU didnt mention him. you told ME to shut up. can you not read?

      emmaemma11 днів тому
    • @emma u say you didnt mention snapaap or whatever the fuck, yet you mention him in your comment so just delete this mf comment my nigga

      Kentucky UnluckyKentucky Unlucky11 днів тому
  • Hi sapnap stans

    -Rosie Burgess--Rosie Burgess-12 днів тому
  • Good song. 11/10.

    I'm A Nerdy Flirty GayI'm A Nerdy Flirty Gay12 днів тому
  • sapdaddy

    carys edwardscarys edwards13 днів тому
  • **The dreamteam simps/stans** *Joined the chat*

    just Irenejust Irene13 днів тому
  • I know why y'all are here

    GraceSimpsForQuackityGraceSimpsForQuackity13 днів тому
  • This deserves 100b views

    OH NO KAREN!OH NO KAREN!13 днів тому
  • *"hey mamas"* 😩

    drayliedraylie13 днів тому
  • im sitting on my ass and im lisening to the same f00kin song. for.4.hours. what im i doing with my life?

    kill me pleasekill me please14 днів тому
  • I'm here from a haikyuu playlist 😅

    Jeremy Is a simpJeremy Is a simp14 днів тому
  • he wants to see some ass

    notcharlienotcharlie14 днів тому
  • وين العرب

    محمد المبحوحمحمد المبحوح14 днів тому
  • sapitus napitus

    LilyNotFound :0LilyNotFound :014 днів тому
  • I can't see that it would be hard for him to see some 🍑

    Roseann CobbRoseann Cobb15 днів тому
  • I can’t get the song out of my head it’s sapnap fault 💀💀

    Devil MindDevil Mind16 днів тому
  • When i saw a hot girl i play this song 🤣🤣🤣

    Rizel GalangRizel Galang16 днів тому
  • Lmao Jack needs to thank Sapnap big time

    Liana WLiana W17 днів тому
  • Who is here after listening to dreams song

    Nightcore MusicNightcore Music17 днів тому
  • Who just randomly stumbled upon this video

    Oompaville SHUNGITEOompaville SHUNGITE17 днів тому
  • *looking to see if Sapnap commented on this*

    raptorhuman_raptorhuman_17 днів тому
    • Same

      GosiawastakenGosiawastaken17 днів тому
  • Was here before I learned about sapnap listening to it, now I'm here more often cause of sapnap

    Kairi FoorKairi Foor18 днів тому
  • Forget minecraft just like the song for how good it is

    Brandon AA15Brandon AA1518 днів тому
  • *people are still coming because of Sapnap singing it in the past*

    Suck it green boySuck it green boy18 днів тому
  • help every day its "i wanna se some hmm" sdfahfasd

    Ela VolkiEla Volki18 днів тому

    I Am FishI Am Fish19 днів тому
  • Who the fuck is sapnap

    Homie VillagerHomie Villager19 днів тому
    • and why the fuck does this snap chat dude play minecraft

      BirdyalionBirdyalion19 днів тому
  • I got this song from sapnap Lol

    XAiko ChanXXAiko ChanX19 днів тому
  • Who dind't came here from Dream team?

    p1ngvinp1ngvin20 днів тому
    • i came because this is my favorite song from him :)

      XxxDrDraXxxXxxDrDraXxx18 днів тому
  • sapinapi

    eef :3eef :320 днів тому

    XxSorin_NotfoundXxSorin_Notfound20 днів тому