Jack Harlow - 2STYLISH [Official Audio]

12 бер 2020
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Jack Harlow - 2STYLISH
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  • Lol wardel

    Jason SoenjotoJason Soenjoto2 дні тому
  • who came here for wardels intro

  • ya ben shel...

    voloRanicvoloRanic3 дні тому
  • Damn..❤

    Akua G1Akua G13 дні тому
  • Wardell sent me

    Caelib AliCaelib Ali4 дні тому
  • 1:42

    Fe4R_ AquaFe4R_ Aqua6 днів тому
  • For the people complaining about Jack copyright claiming Wardell's intro which used this song, go get some education. This song is licenced by Atlantic Records, the company which Jack is signed with. Any copyright claims are made by them, not Jack. Same deal with pretty much every other thing with a song that gets claimed. If a songwriter is signed with a company, it's usually the company claimed things.

    Henry Sun.1217Henry Sun.12176 днів тому
    • True

      Emmanuel NwachukwuEmmanuel Nwachukwu5 днів тому
  • Wardell❤

    hannahhannah7 днів тому
  • Atleast now , we will be getting new intro guys :) even though this was good.

    MeeSushMeeSush8 днів тому
  • How tf they gonna copyright this song after Wardell helped get this song to the popularity it is now smh

    Jemy ChenJemy Chen9 днів тому
    • @Emmanuel Nwachukwu First off, get your grammar in check. Even after editing I had a hard time reading your wack comment. Also this song came out 11 months ago and Wardell has been streaming and using this song on his Twitch and UKmate for 7+ months. Wardell has less views on videos? No shit sherlock he streams on Twitch. He has a large following and plays this and other of Jack Harlow's songs on his stream cause he don't give a fuck about DMCA. Him not giving a shit about DMCA on Twitch helps these artists get views just by tuning into his stream. So I don't doubt it's hard work on Jack Harlow but my guy didn't even promote this song. Fucking Wardell did. Fuck outta here acting like you know who Wardell is

      Jemy ChenJemy Chen5 днів тому
    • Wtf are talking about, do even actually know him this song and others are more views that wardell videos. This is own fucking hard work and it pay off so dont go smack random shit.

      Emmanuel NwachukwuEmmanuel Nwachukwu5 днів тому
  • Yo let homeboy Wardell use this as an intro

    K1en3r22K1en3r229 днів тому
  • U should pay wardell instead of copyright him. Everyone's here bcs of him and if theres no him, this song wont get famous lol. Nobody would know this song if it's not wardell using this as his intro.

    Muadz ReinerMuadz Reiner9 днів тому
    • I do hope you are trolling Muadz Reiner

      Logos DuckLogos Duck7 днів тому
    • Not really the way it works, Atlantic Records is the one with rights to the song so any copyright claims are made by the records company, not Jack.

      Henry Sun.1217Henry Sun.12178 днів тому
  • Come on now let Wardell use this fuckin song

    Alfred donaldAlfred donald9 днів тому
  • hey jack can u let wardell use ur song, we all from him

    QueesZQueesZ9 днів тому
  • Why did you copyright Wardell :(

    El PatronEl Patron9 днів тому

    BrainiacBrainiac9 днів тому
  • Kinda sad wardell can’t use this song anymore 😭

    LynnLynn9 днів тому
  • wardell made this song popular and you start to copyright claim him yall down bad

    HardyBardyHardyBardy9 днів тому
  • Why'd you do that to our boy Wardell? :(

    Ejay MallariEjay Mallari9 днів тому
  • Smh copyrighting wardell

    HappthedapHappthedap9 днів тому
  • I think quite a lot of people came to listen to this cos its Wardell's intro. But so sad they decided to copyright claim :(( gonna miss his intro, it was so bomb.

    Sabbath TeoSabbath Teo9 днів тому
  • Very bad jack Harlow u betrayed wardell copyright seriously why now

    Naman KasliwalNaman Kasliwal10 днів тому
    • It's his management not him

      Pil MrawPil Mraw7 днів тому
  • Bruh copyrighted wardell

    Fake 2ooFake 2oo10 днів тому
  • don’t copy right claim the person who made your song famous

    placidjzplacidjz10 днів тому
  • Let wardell use the song wth

    Michael RiveroMichael Rivero10 днів тому
  • Let wardell use this for his intro plss

    NoelNoel10 днів тому
  • Fuck you

    Emmanuel NwachukwuEmmanuel Nwachukwu10 днів тому

    XXXplodeXXXplode10 днів тому
  • wardell diff

    awesomepiggyawesomepiggy10 днів тому
  • Here after Wardell said this song was copyright claimed :(

    Legendan1elLegendan1el10 днів тому
    • F

      BrainiacBrainiac9 днів тому
    • *PAIN*

      YayPeacePeaceYayPeacePeace9 днів тому

    Legendan1elLegendan1el10 днів тому
  • RIP wardell intro

    Sophia CSophia C10 днів тому
  • imagine copyright claiming wardell lmao

    Ramon The BarberRamon The Barber10 днів тому
    • Ikr

      HappthedapHappthedap9 днів тому
  • NO MORE 2stylish intro for wardell :(

    Julius QuiñonesJulius Quiñones10 днів тому
  • Hey Jack, would u please let Wardell use your song for his intro, just look at the comments, i mean most of the listeners came from his intro, including me, please Jack!

    T h e D i c e ツT h e D i c e ツ10 днів тому
    • @Anshul Dhanker valorant came out 8-9 months ago... the song is only 11 months old....

      897wqfhiu897wqfhiu2 дні тому
    • before val even came out this song had over 600k views lmao

      Anshul DhankerAnshul Dhanker5 днів тому
    • facts

      timeswehadkytimeswehadky9 днів тому
  • WARDELL gave me this video

    Lucas ChungLucas Chung12 днів тому
  • Just Discovered Harlow, Wow,pretty good

    Billy J. SmithBilly J. Smith12 днів тому
  • Wardell smells like shiet

    Eshom HallEshom Hall13 днів тому
  • 1:43

    ChandlerChandler14 днів тому
  • Valorant gang: rise up for our national anthem

    BrainiacBrainiac14 днів тому
  • Who tf is wardell

    ashx4022ashx402214 днів тому

    Levi CorpsLevi Corps15 днів тому
  • came coz of wardell :P

    SaikalyanOPSaikalyanOP16 днів тому
  • Someone should make an 1hour version so i can listen to it 24/7

    TKH NamelessTKH Nameless16 днів тому
  • faking real good

    Akın YıldızAkın Yıldız17 днів тому

    MercuryMercury18 днів тому
  • papi chulo gang

    Tanishq STanishq S18 днів тому
  • WARDELL sent me here

    Happy Siblings XIXHappy Siblings XIX18 днів тому
  • whos here because of WARDELL

    StoneStone20 днів тому
  • wardell....

    gavin fugavin fu21 день тому
  • jack harlow is so sick no wonder why wardell used this song

    CharlieCharlie21 день тому
  • Wardell Op

    Rakesh HRakesh H24 дні тому
  • OP ACADEMY ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Wardell bring me here

    Eren Jaeger DajjalEren Jaeger Dajjal29 днів тому
  • This song maks me do the shoot with the gun in the game

    YashasviK29YashasviK29Місяць тому
  • This is very underrated, also who's Wardell lol

    internet kidinternet kidМісяць тому
    • Valorant pro

      BrainiacBrainiac12 днів тому
    • A Valorant pro

      SaltyAvocado ValorantSaltyAvocado Valorant29 днів тому
  • bruh neighbors keep playin this in the morning and i vibe with it

    Yu1 IbaScoYu1 IbaScoМісяць тому
  • Half the people don’t even know this song that’s in Wardell’s intro

    Prebreak ChannelPrebreak ChannelМісяць тому
    • It's literally what everyone is talking about

      Baka TacoBaka TacoМісяць тому

    kl31nkl31nМісяць тому
  • Wardell brought me here in 2021 🔥

    Sandip GhoshSandip GhoshМісяць тому
  • Wardell is my daddy 😜

    venkatasai pachunoorivenkatasai pachunooriМісяць тому
  • Рокит ты ли это?

    lil eternitylil eternityМісяць тому
  • Good job u found a non-wardell comment. 🙋‍♂️

    YvNg DiAbLoYvNg DiAbLoМісяць тому
  • wAtcH ThiS brought me here

    Haris CobraHaris CobraМісяць тому
  • Nobody against wardell 😎😎

    VèkiVèkiМісяць тому
  • WARDELL is the key

    Kentcliokdg ChanKentcliokdg ChanМісяць тому
  • wardell literally made this iconic

    Ansøn WangAnsøn WangМісяць тому
  • TSM Wardell’s heat intro sent me here.

    ChunliFNChunliFNМісяць тому
  • jack: lets write a song wardell: its mine now

    XanBladeXanBladeМісяць тому
  • 1:43

    Justin Clark JosonJustin Clark JosonМісяць тому
  • Wardell?

    cryscentcryscentМісяць тому
  • 1:45

    K e nK e nМісяць тому
  • 1:44

    K e nK e nМісяць тому
  • Wardell yells your to stylish👌🏼

    ReZyReZyМісяць тому
  • wardell brought me here and im a big fan of jack harlow now.

    Mad DropMad DropМісяць тому
  • TSM Wardell

    tsunamiitsunamiiМісяць тому
  • 1:43 me fav part

    RyhlEE KeenanRyhlEE KeenanМісяць тому
  • Baddies at the club got me surrounded that's my life story

    yung problemsyung problemsМісяць тому
  • OP Academy!

    RogueDogRogueDogМісяць тому
  • who wardell?

    リアムリアムМісяць тому
  • I came here from wardell

    Gian PoolGian PoolМісяць тому
  • 2Stylish, but definitely not the Greatest of all Time.

    Jordan BijanJordan BijanМісяць тому
  • 2Stylish is one of your best songs. Nice, good job

    Jordan BijanJordan BijanМісяць тому
  • wongdell brought me here.

    hasglo bin ladenhasglo bin ladenМісяць тому
  • "baddies at the club and they got your boy surrounded 😏😎"

    Kenneth FloresKenneth FloresМісяць тому
  • Who here from lls

    Game GGame G2 місяці тому
  • Best part 1:18

    BongRips4Jesus _BongRips4Jesus _2 місяці тому
  • Who is WARDELL!!!

    DBZ JrDBZ Jr2 місяці тому
  • Underatted

    Game GGame G2 місяці тому

    rskrsk2 місяці тому
  • Wardell put me on

    Maniacs IconManiacs Icon2 місяці тому

    Asian riceboiAsian riceboi2 місяці тому
  • "THE CLUTCH GENE" - Wardell

    RakeRake2 місяці тому
  • Lol Wardell likes jack

    Player 5Player 52 місяці тому
  • Awpacademy fr

    soft_willysoft_willy2 місяці тому
  • Wardell

    Bhargav BhonsleBhargav Bhonsle2 місяці тому
  • ukmate.info/clip/sI2qrKKcgpifr44/v-deo.html

    Storytelling by NoblesseStorytelling by Noblesse2 місяці тому
  • 1.25 slaps

    BakkaGhostBakkaGhost2 місяці тому
  • Who tf is wardell?

    BakkaGhostBakkaGhost2 місяці тому
    • Valorant player bro

      mhd syahmimhd syahmi2 місяці тому
  • I litlery liked every wardell comment Rip my hands bro

    MemeyMemey2 місяці тому