Jack Harlow - 21C/Delta [Official Audio]

10 гру 2020
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Jack Harlow - 21C/Delta
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    Jake SnowJake Snow7 годин тому
  • Honestly just love the first half

    BrandonBrandonДень тому
  • Caught a vibe wit the bottle girrlllll 🤯 how he know

    chris prezchris prez2 дні тому
  • How does this not have a million views.

    chris prezchris prez2 дні тому
  • Just wow

    Aryan AroraAryan Arora4 дні тому
  • Big s/o to you from Morgantown WV. Gotta come back to Code when COVID restrictions are over! Was there last time you had your show 🔥 gotta come get your bottle girl back bro!

    Marco TilliardMarco Tilliard8 днів тому
  • I had no idea he was white. Okay okay!

    Alazne DiorAlazne Dior10 днів тому
  • best on the album

    AAPAAP10 днів тому
  • damn this beat beautiful

    MichaelSwgMichaelSwg10 днів тому
  • This song has the best mix of the softer vibes from his previous projects while still going hard as FUCK! 🔥

    Ross StewartRoss Stewart13 днів тому
  • Excuse me jack harlow....Nurses do NOT go to med school. They go NURSING school. Please do your research before you insult the entire med school of United States of America.

    smallsaharsmallsahar13 днів тому
  • Notice how he said he could make a hit and take any pick of rappers it happend with the "what's poppin"

    isaiah Eubanksisaiah Eubanks14 днів тому
    • What

      alfredoalfredo14 днів тому
  • why he sound like nav on this XD

    kai elkai el22 дні тому
  • The righteous mailbox descriptively crash because billboard apparently coil in a glistening glorious snowflake. embarrassed, stormy sword

    dong ruiqidong ruiqi29 днів тому
  • I’m a nurse 😅😅😅🥵🥵🥵

    Carly CarlsenCarly CarlsenМісяць тому
  • Fire🔥

    Shaddo SlaierrShaddo SlaierrМісяць тому
  • Jack Harlow is the new wave

    Alexander LeeAlexander LeeМісяць тому
  • 1:50

    SolidSolidМісяць тому
  • He's like an all-white Drake, and I love it.

    TheTransparentTraderTheTransparentTraderМісяць тому
  • This is Legit Bro...Good Vibes. Love that beat n makes total sense. Love it. For Real. Lol.

    TasteslikeChicken YumyumTasteslikeChicken YumyumМісяць тому
  • master piece

    Alexis CroisierAlexis CroisierМісяць тому
  • Underrated.

    John CantyJohn CantyМісяць тому
  • Esto es algo del trapperuano🇵🇪, bendiciones a todos y espero su apoyo🕶️ ukmate.info/clip/ppiAz13ZjtVnemU/v-deo.html

    MC FrankMC FrankМісяць тому
  • Best song

    LilgaspackLilgaspackМісяць тому
  • Best album in any genre I’ve heard in the last two years 🔥

  • 🐐

    SavagePope ProductionsSavagePope ProductionsМісяць тому
  • He good

    buSツ reyesbuSツ reyesМісяць тому
  • Need a music video for this one fr.

    SpitzSpitzМісяць тому
  • Some bars are reminiscent of Drake

    Thabo MakhubeleThabo MakhubeleМісяць тому
  • Jack be killin these double songs god damn

    InfraredInfraredМісяць тому

    AuToDiStRuCtOrAuToDiStRuCtOrМісяць тому
  • Harlow killing these niggas

    ishmael aliishmael aliМісяць тому
  • " Get Here If You Can damn it!🎶🚴‍♂️🏇🚣‍♂️🚄🛴🛩✈🛬🚀😀👍🏼

    Robert PittsRobert PittsМісяць тому
  • drake vibes yt boi nice

    trap samtrap samМісяць тому
  • Cant say a werrrdddd

    ShinyShinyМісяць тому
  • We here for that rendezvous like he said

    kinyua Peterkinyua PeterМісяць тому
  • This song is giving me 2007 vibes

    House of MatrixHouse of MatrixМісяць тому
  • This album is so fire

    Dream MorganDream MorganМісяць тому
  • 🚀🚀🚀🚀

    Royal XRoyal XМісяць тому
  • Love how he said this is where they would rendezvous in track #1

    toxic avengertoxic avengerМісяць тому
  • im new to Jack Harlow......can somebody tell me something about him...cus im about to fall in love

    Erwin SmithErwin SmithМісяць тому
    • @Vishnu Sajit i did watch all of his interviews

      Erwin SmithErwin SmithМісяць тому
    • You should watch his interviews he’s hilarious!

      Vishnu SajitVishnu SajitМісяць тому
  • My fav on the album fasho

    jaden fortjaden fortМісяць тому
  • The staking sister-in-law consistently brake because police bilaterally suppose up a faithful net. lazy, kindhearted xylophone

    Steven CooperSteven CooperМісяць тому
  • I finished nursing school 2018. I flew Delta in 2008 while working my 8-5 😁😏

    Sarah CrawfordSarah CrawfordМісяць тому
  • this whole album is diverse and immaculate 🔥

    Luci TheK!ddLuci TheK!ddМісяць тому
  • I appreciate the lyrics so I can learn the songs

    ParisParisМісяць тому
  • The weak aries relatively unlock because worm centrally vanish given a psychedelic australia. nice, faded picture

    Steven CooperSteven CooperМісяць тому
  • It’s the “Do it to me” ad lib for me

    Chloe DukesChloe DukesМісяць тому
  • @2:30 bruh said nigga or I’m tripping 😂 it’s straight he got a pass

    Kwalib JayKwalib JayМісяць тому
    • even with the lyrics you thought he said nigga dawg ☠️

      TrapAntixTrapAntix6 годин тому
  • Gracias a Goorgo estoy acá y vaya que tenía razón que es una puta bestialidad de álbum 🙏🏽🔥

    Steven RGSteven RGМісяць тому
  • And I really like the fact that all the songs aren't just about smoking weed like alot of other music cause I'm really trying to cut down and knowing he doesn't usually smoke somehow helps me lol

  • His attitude and everything in his music is really helping me get through my winter depression. Time to play on repeat until the next album ❤

  • Best Album 2020

    K LarionovK LarionovМісяць тому
  • Old Drake vibez

    WhitttybabyWhitttybabyМісяць тому
  • Please make a music video for this song Jack 🔥🥵

    Dylan SanchezDylan Sanchez2 місяці тому
  • Can’t lie this song give me drake vibes

  • this is an easy W

    Mateo PitaMateo Pita2 місяці тому
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Kevin MartinKevin Martin2 місяці тому
  • Who's the girl harmonizing in the back??

    KrysKrys2 місяці тому
    • @TrapAntix Thank you!

      KrysKrysМісяць тому
    • Millie Go Lightly

      TrapAntixTrapAntixМісяць тому
  • This

    Atrayu KageAtrayu Kage2 місяці тому
  • You should make Delta a full song. Beat goes too hard and the bars too. Smooth

    Austin CreppsAustin Crepps2 місяці тому
  • Y'all I can hear Fredo bang on the first song

    Jermaine WhiteJermaine White2 місяці тому
  • yeah.... jack harlow one of a kind

    Clayton HeatherlyClayton Heatherly2 місяці тому
  • 🔥

    Alessandro PereiraAlessandro Pereira2 місяці тому
  • The switch up here is so effortless, straight beauty

    Ed DukeEd Duke2 місяці тому
  • deym good

    Thalia Dela Rosa AlarcioThalia Dela Rosa Alarcio2 місяці тому
  • Give me drake vibes 🙏🏼💯🐐

    Sydney MyersSydney Myers2 місяці тому
  • 2:23 - 2:34 best part of the track, Jack's flow is crazy on this one

    WhenItsHalfPastFiveWhenItsHalfPastFive2 місяці тому
    • Nah the whole song is the best part

      BrandonBrandonДень тому
    • i agree.. always a go to song

      ColbyJackColbyJack9 днів тому
  • Got this in my playlist after hearing a min of it...

    Potato HEADPotato HEAD2 місяці тому
  • think this is my favorite...

    CockSampsonCockSampson2 місяці тому
  • Okay this is definitely a favorite 🔥 dude has versatility

    böujeeböujee2 місяці тому
  • Nobody gonna mention the fact that he said 3rd track is where they rendezvous in the first track

    Neemo PabalanNeemo Pabalan2 місяці тому
  • Just anotha day at work.

    Caleb MeadowsCaleb Meadows2 місяці тому
  • Don't normally listen to music like this, but this one is nice. :)

    alyssa molinaalyssa molina2 місяці тому
  • This album is dope

    The Retro WorldThe Retro World2 місяці тому
  • This song's fire can't say a woorrrd

    Voita HandzelVoita Handzel2 місяці тому
  • At 2:31 it sounds like he said nigga lmao. Not trying to stir up controversy it just sounded funny to me.

    Milliardo PeacecraftMilliardo Peacecraft2 місяці тому
  • Ville in the house bitches!

    Matt MccartinMatt Mccartin2 місяці тому
  • underrated song right here

    Gaga KhundzakishviliGaga Khundzakishvili2 місяці тому
  • Real talk - this is a 5 star album... the quality is top tier!

    Jerome BentleyJerome Bentley2 місяці тому
  • Too much radio songish and not enough jack Harlow on this album but its not necessarily bad but not great either

    John Cotugno IIIJohn Cotugno III2 місяці тому
  • ukmate.info/clip/uK193GW3d6mqr6g/v-deo.html

    Storytelling by NoblesseStorytelling by Noblesse2 місяці тому
  • Check out my remix to Jack Harlow’s What’s Poppin. It’s 🔥 he should have had me on the original remix. Worth the listen. ukmate.info/clip/2oihmZ-4oMZjbaA/v-deo.html

    KnowledgeKnowledge2 місяці тому
  • Jack Harlow turned into a vibe , like going on a road trip while sunset setting with a convertible and a joint

    francisco goatfrancisco goat2 місяці тому
  • I have a feeling this was a road trip

    E LeonE Leon2 місяці тому
  • Delta needs to be longer. It is hella good!We want the whole version add more to that half Lol..... please 😌

    JennaJenna2 місяці тому
  • 2nd half wit the Drizzy Drake flow 🔥

    4ur entertainment4ur entertainment2 місяці тому
  • The 21c part is so good! Wish it was the whole song...

    Nico LebNico Leb2 місяці тому
    • Really? I like the Delta part better but both half's of this song are amazing

      Cashout ChristianCashout Christian28 днів тому
  • yoo jack a goat

  • This a drake type beat..hey @drake hop tf on

    KaranKaran2 місяці тому
  • Why does the background vocals sound like ariana ?

    Richard SmithRichard Smith2 місяці тому
  • 🔥

    EarsknottEarsknott2 місяці тому
  • Who here from his story on ig?? 👀

    bob marleybob marley2 місяці тому
  • Fire man

    fisto papifisto papi2 місяці тому
  • I’m no where near a Drake Stan! But dam can we get a Drake remix to 21c? That shit would slappp

    BigShadow FocusBigShadow Focus2 місяці тому
  • I need Delta to be it's own song!! I'm obsessed

    Desiree SDesiree S2 місяці тому
  • Not sure why fantano doesn’t fuck with the album. Whole album is fire bro keep going. Sick of old heads. Ya I’m talking to u if u replying salty.

    Jay SvenJay Sven2 місяці тому
  • There should be a collab with G-EAZY one more time.

    The Ålphå SamuelThe Ålphå Samuel2 місяці тому
  • For any relatively new Jack fans, Loose is one of the greatest albums ever made and literally nobody knows it exists lmao

    MtVickMtVick2 місяці тому
    • YES ^^^^^^^^^^

      Clay DefoeClay DefoeМісяць тому
    • Just discovered him this week. I like Confetti the most

      Brandon LoeBrandon Loe2 місяці тому
    • Confetti was a great album too

      Shaun Don33Shaun Don332 місяці тому
  • I hope harlow still popping in 2027 at his cottage

    Jacob MagalhaesJacob Magalhaes2 місяці тому
    • Underrated comment

      Sebastian ArevaloSebastian Arevalo2 місяці тому